Nathan Robinson

Maker, Hacker, Student. I love building websites and developing on embedded devices.

I'm Nathan Robinson, I'm 18 years old and I live in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I have created many projects on GitHub, and I love programming C++, Javascript, Bash and Python.


June 2017 - Present: Embedded Developer

  • I am using my skills I gathered from my Particle experience to develop new embedded firmware solutions for TankClarity, a company in the oil delivery industry. Recently I have been transitioning its product from the Particle platform to another.

February - June 2017: Web Consultant

  • Created and administered the website for DPC New England, a coalition of doctors providing direct primary care. Developed Wordpress, Discourse, and system administration skills on an Ubuntu Linux server. Now providing administrative support and ongoing system updates.

October 2016 - Present: Particle-Raspberry Pi Alpha Tester

Late 2015 - Present: Particle Community Volunteer

  • Over the past two years, I have devoted much of my time to voluntarily helping members of the Particle Community. I directly address topics within the active community, provide assistance with code, and give feedback on Particle’s tools and services.


2016 - Present: Cape Elizabeth High School

  • Coding Club President, Junior Varsity Basketball, Technical Theatre

  • In Coding Club I focus on helping students create projects with the Particle IoT platform and teach them the fundamentals of developing smart devices and web based applications.

  • Presented to the Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation and received a $1,200 grant to purchase Raspberry Pi and Particle Photon hardware kits for use in Coding Club.

  • Operated the sound and lights for several productions of the Cape Elizabeth High School theater.

Summer 2016: Oxbridge Experience in Boston

  • Majored in Computer Science and minored in Neuropsychology during the summer of 2016 while residing at the Harvard Law School.

  • Created a semi-autonomous rover using a Particle Photon, and a Raspberry Pi that completed various tasks. Building the robot improved my C++ and Python programming skills.

  • Grades for Oxbridge Experience in Boston

2015 - 2016: ACS Hillingdon International School, London

  • Tech Club, Genius Bar, ISTA, Junior Varsity Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis

  • For my tenth grade personal project I created an Internet of Things demonstration that used a Photon to control servos and lights, and monitor sensors with an accompanying web application I built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Summer 2015: Cambridge Prep Experience

  • Majored in Science and the Future and minored in Speech and Debate in the summer of 2015 while residing at Peterhouse College at Cambridge University.

  • Grades for Cambridge Prep Experience

Summer 2014: Oxford Prep Experience

  • Majored in Computer Science and minored in Creative Writing in the summer of 2014 while residing at Oriel College at Oxford University.

  • Grades for Oxford Prep Experience

Skills and Interests:

The Internet of Things:

  • I am deeply interested in the Internet of Things and the many applications it has. Along with developing IoT solutions professionally, I have created many side projects to explore different IoT devices and services.

Particle Tools:

  • I have used both the Photon and Electron, and continue to use Particle tools to develop projects in Coding Club and my own personal projects.


  • I am well versed with the command line and enjoy creating scripts to expedite development workflows. Creating po-util is an example of such a script, and has improved my understanding of Bash greatly.

Other Skills:

  • Web Design and Administration, Linux Server Administration, GitHub, JavaScript, Python


  • Contributing to Open Source Projects, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, Video Games